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Reverse Osmosis System

Water Softener

Water Filters

Please print this coupon for a $10 Discount off of our standard prices on residential Service & Repair.  With this discount, our service charge is now $59 for most of the Phoenix metro area.  Some locations have a higher charge.

The complete Routine Service of many brands of Reverse Osmosis Systems is only $70 additional, including filters, sanitizing, etc. Some brands do cost more for the filters.

Please Call Monday - Saturday

(602) 481-9754
(480) 607-4969
(623) 334-5012

We offer Service & Repair on most brands of Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems, and Water Filters. Both Residential and Commercial customers can count on having a professional, experienced, service technician handle their problem or maintenance issues.

Some of the many brands that we service include:

     *  Ultima
     *  B&R Industries
     *  Puretec
     *  Aqua-Pure
     *  PurWater
     *  Water Factory
     *  Watts Premier
     *  Dow Filmtec
     *  Omnipure
     *  PAE
     *  Aquasky
     *  Amtrol
     *  Aquaflex
     *  American Home
     *  Fleck
     *  Econominder
     *  Aqua Science
     *  Advanced Water
     *  Kinetico
     *  Culligan
     *  Family Water
     *  Delightful Water
     *  And Many Other Brands of Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems, Water Filters