No Salt Conditioners

Paradise Water Systems highly recommends using a salt type Water Softener to get all the benefits of soft water, such as:
  • No hard mineral scale from calcium hardness in the water
  • No soap scum from soap combining with calcium and magnesium hardness in the water
  • Cleaner dishes, clothing, skin, hair, showers, toilets, faucets, water heaters, dishwasher, clothes washer, and everything the water touches
  • Saves money on energy, soap, cleaning chemicals, maintenance of water using appliances
  • Saves time cleaning
However, there has been a lot of interest lately in No Salt Water Conditioners. It should be noted that these types of systems do not provide all of the benefits of a Water Softener. They provide a reduced potential for hard mineral scale, only. They don’t eliminate the scale completely and they don’t help with soap scum.

For those who want to avoid the use of salt, we offer the Hard Water Wizard™ that uses an Electromagnetic Field to reduce the hard mineral scaling due to calcium in the water. This is the same method used by systems such as Easy Water®.


Hard Water Wizard™ (Compare to Easy Water®)
We can provide the Hard Water Wizard™, now Starting At $899 Installed.

Another option is to combine the Hard Water Wizard™ with a Carbon Filter to remove the chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that make water taste and smell bad. Chlorine also has damaging effects on your skin, hair, and lungs in the shower and on o-rings and gaskets in your household plumbing. This is the same “concept” used by systems such as H2O Concepts®.

Or And
Carbon Filter + Hard Water Wizard™
= (compare to H2O Concepts®)

We can provide a whole house Carbon Filter and the Hard Water Wizard™, now Starting At $1,149 Installed.

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